Our team has a combined experience of over 35 years in the IT industry and have seen it grow and grown with the technology and innovation. With one firm foot on the new technology and another on our problem solving skills, we bring best of both worlds together.



We work on different platforms and technologies to suit the customer’s needs. New age problems need new age solutions and we need it now. We are flexible to accommodate your requests and demands for your application.



No business is big or small for us. We understand that our solution and products impact people in the way we cannot imagine and hence we strive to deliver it to the person who may need it the most. This leads to innovation and customer satisfaction.



Our job is not just help you solve your problems with your business but to make you aware of the other avenues which you can take advantage of. This saves time and money and provides a different level of customer experience to your end customer.



We ask tough questions, have crucial conversations and try to come up with creative solutions. When you work with us, you don’t work with a consultant, you work with a team member.



We at Amico, get easily bored with the status quo and keep challenging it. This has led to many breakthrough products and projects for our clients. You can be assured that your business problems will be looked at from 360 degree angle.